1. of little or no importance; insignificant; trivial.
2. inconsequent; illogical.
3. irrelevant.
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"We are in an authentic Navajo house, built using the same materials and techniques. We actually contracted a builder to build it, and when he was done, the museum staff took a look at it. The director looked at the electric bulb chandelier, pointed and asked "where the heck did you get that?" The builder took a look at it and replied, "Home Depot." Apparently his grandmother, a Navajo lady, had taken a liking to it and the builder just decided to put it in."

Excerpts from a tour given at the Heard Museum here in Phoenix Arizona. It’s a great example of a well funded museum, and is special in that it houses both artifacts (pottery. so much pottery.) as well as contemporary art pieces. A celebration of sorts, of the Southwestern Native Americans. Or American Indians. I’m really not sure what the proper term is.

It’s Day 16. Moseyed into town at about 8am, after an long Greyhound bus ride. The more I look at it, the more evidence I find that the late night bus rides are the ones where you get the most entertaining passengers. And entertainment value increases with proximity to the rear of the bus.

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